Escape from Tarkov New Player PVP Getting Started Guide

In the map of Escape from Tarkov, players will not only encounter AI attacks, but also other players, and PVP between players is also an important part of the game. So what do new players need to pay attention to when facing other players and do in advance so what are the preparations, let’s take a look at Escape from Tarkov New Player PVP Getting Started Guide, I hope to help everyone.

Escape from Tarkov New Player PVP Getting Started Guide

We believe that many new players have traveled to every corner of Tarkov with an axe / knife / gun and experienced the dullness and tediousness on the high mountain of garbage. Maybe one day you will wrestle out a few bitcoins from the garbage dump and sell them to the “aunt” and put together a set of equipment that looks very good and slams into the Customs, Factory, Sanatorium … and then can be killed by other players. At this time you have two choices: run away or fight. The comrades who choose the former can basically not read the next content. The comrades who choose the latter, this strategy that is not a guide may help you a little.

Escape from Tarkov New Player PVP Getting Started Guide Summary

The Most Suitable Weapon Guide
Regarding what a good weapon is, my personal standard is: spend the least escape from tarkov roubles in the simplest way and kill more people in the shortest time. Such a weapon is a good weapon. According to this standard, Tarkov The superior weapon should be a grenade launcher at a military base. Press F to get in the car, shoot directly, and explode instantly-and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Unfortunately, this kind of weapon cannot be removed and taken away, so our weapon selection is only the most suitable, there is no best. Here are some of the more popular weapons:

Mosinnagan: The poor’s missiles are cheap but deadly (both against the enemy and themselves), and in many cases it is difficult to hit the second shot without hitting it.

Hunter: The poor man’s nuclear weapon, with 10 rounds of magazine M61, even in the 1v1 battle, even if the opponent is Lu Bu, it can be opened at five or five. The long-range accuracy is average.

SKS: A fairly modest weapon in the early days. It has combat power without modification. PS BP ammunition is highly damaged, armor piercing is not high or low, can handle most battles, and can be equipped with large-capacity magazines. The same hand speed is the rate of fire.

VSS: Recently a very popular weapon, low back seat and high rate of fire with its own silence, both advantages and disadvantages are particularly prominent. There is no large-capacity magazine at high rates of fire. Stormy sword within 80 meters, useless stick 80 meters away. No one can beat at close range, no one can beat at long range.

AK74-M / AK74-N: There is a huge gap between the upper limit and the lower limit. It is totally three feelings to change without change from half to full. Ammunition does not have too obvious faults. Most people may be most tangled in the choice of BT and BS. The performance is not outstanding in the middle, long and short distances, but there are no obvious shortcomings. The most commonly used weapon in this file.

M4 / HK416: Combined and discussed, the performance in both the middle and near distances is excellent and the face value is high. Since Nikita added a 1 in front of the price of M995, its status has plummeted, and it has fallen like Miyazaki Inaka. Altar. The more severe sense of fault between M995 and 855A1 is the main contradiction that some Mrs. Taco chooses to use this weapon.

MP7: A few of the submachine guns are also available in the later period. The disadvantage is that it must be equipped with APSX. Add silencer as VSS.

The choice of weapons and ammunition still has to be chosen according to different maps and their own homes. Still, there is no best, only the most suitable.

Intelligence Preparation
It is well known that Tarkov players will eventually become reckless or intelligent, but before a Tarkov player meets other players, you cannot judge whether he will become reckless or intelligent. This is also a principle that Tarkov players cannot predict. Escape from Tarkov This game is different from traditional FPS games such as R6, CSGO, etc. in RPG elements and the special death penalty. Compared to R6 or the battlefield series, “money is national, life is your own”, in Escape from Tarkov In the middle, your money and life are your own. According to the differences in personality, you will inevitably have two extremes of recklessness or wisdom.

My judgment on this game is: Compared with marksmanship and reaction speed, this game tests more information acquisition and analysis capabilities. Many new players’ FPS game foundation is not bad. The same equipment and old players 1v1 have a five or five-win rate or even higher, but often these new players die before they find the enemy. The reason is not the equipment gap or the skill gap. Insufficient intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities due to lack of understanding of game mechanics and insufficient experience. Here we can briefly discuss which things on the map will provide us with information:

  1. The birth point and retreat point
  2. A door, sports bag, and hidden container that should be closed
  3. Gun sound
  4. Footsteps
  5. Understandable and incomprehensible
  6. “Seductive” corpses falling to the ground

Escape from Tarkov has no drones, no small car, which means that the enemy will not squat behind a corner (except hacker)with a small triangle on his head or in the grass. You need to find out as much as possible based on the clues provided above, other players hidden in the map.

  1. The birth point and retreat point: According to Tarkov’s mechanism, there are likely to be other people’s birth points near your retreat point. Move LOL‘s polar brawl map into Tarkov, then you will definitely be careful of the grass area in the middle of the two towers-there is only one road, and this is the only way for everyone to retreat.
  2. A door, sports bag, and hidden container that should be closed: This tells you clearly that someone is passing by. Sometimes you can roughly determine the other players ’equipment passing by placing the contents of the container and the value of the remaining items. how is it?
  3. Gunshots: One of the most important sources of information. With the sound of gunfire, you can judge important information such as the number of enemies, their position, and what enemies are fighting, but also pay attention to this is a very confusing source of information.
  4. Footsteps: Just as important as gunshots, you can combine the exact position of close-range enemies by smashing leaves and grass and stepping on different grounds. It is also confusing because of the Escape from Tarkov game problem. The sound source is up and down. The discrimination is not very accurate.
  5. Speech: One of the ways to judge the player is AI. Hearing the Russian language can basically halt his dangling heart. Of course, I did n’t hear that BEAR or Raider went straight out to the author.
  6. Corpse: Be careful when you see any corpse. The teammate or the murderer of the corpse may have aimed at your mind.

Each birth point in the game is different. Different players and AI bring different equipment. Through the above channels to obtain information, analyze information, and then develop tactics. I believe that most new players are actually based on the experience of other games and Tarkov’s short experience. I already have the above consciousness, but there is no systematic arrangement. As long as you successfully break through the initial stage, you will experience the greater fun of this game.

Note: There is no visual indication in the information acquisition method because there is evidence that Tarkov players are all “blind” with good hearing.

Team Preparation
I believe that many new comrades are dissatisfied with Takov’s current matching mechanism. This is a game that is not friendly to lone wolf players. In Taco, more people are strength, more people are the last word, and more people will cause problems.

First, let’s analyze the advantages of many people:

  • A. The crushing output brought by the firepower advantage, five Mosin can fire five shots per second, while one SVD cannot.
  • B. A multi-player team with certain cooperation can control a considerable area of the map, regardless of PMC or Scav, it is all meat in my mouth;
  • C. Added sources of information acquisition. Tarkov has no unmanned vehicles and cannot destroy the terrain. A lot of the information obtained by CQB is obtained from your teammate’s body
  • D. Multiplayer teams are less likely to lose advanced equipment. Surviving teammates in a battle can help the dead comrades to bury their bodies and other insurance.

Here are the disadvantages of the team

  • Escape from Tarkov has been escaping from TK again, not only because the abbreviation is so simple, the new player + new player combination, your teammates may threaten you more than the enemy
  • One more gun will require one more person to divide the money, the risk is reduced, and the per capita income will be much lower than that of a single-player or a running knife player, and the lack of a proper loot distribution mechanism may lead to unpleasant real life;
  • As well as increasing the source of information, it also increases the interference factors. The sound of footsteps, gunfire and other voices in the game will affect your judgment.

As for the number of team members, 3-4 people are a team with more combat effectiveness and profitability. Even if the current Tarkov map is The Lab, it is difficult to ensure that 5 people are fully loaded and 5 people are full. “Entertainment.” The scenes are often very confusing and awkward …

The advantages and disadvantages of a large team are obvious.

The next thing we have to do is carry forward our advantages and overcome our disadvantages:
TK problem can be solved by long-term cooperation and good game habits.

  1. The first thing to do on the ground, first determine the appearance of the equipment that teammates bring into the map;
  2. Pick up equipment that can change the appearance (secondary weapons, helmets, ammunition, body armor, headgear, etc.), you need to notify teammates in time;
  3. In the process of traveling in the wild, there must be at least one teammate in the visible range. This can avoid contamination in the queue. You must know that there are traitors in the team, and the time for re-screening will cause great losses;
  4. Outdoor encounters & CQB, it is best to say in the channel before doing specific actions (running, jumping, lying down, shooting a gun, opening the door, flipping a bag, taking medicine);
  5. Try not to point the gun at your teammates. If you find that this is the case, let’s talk about it first. TK loses up to 1 and you may be destroyed if you don’t shoot;
  6. Unfortunately, someone was killed. The first thing must be clearly stated: I am dead! , Cnm, wdnmd and other useful and useless, you can wait for a while. The next thing to do after death is simple, just provide your death information: the weapons that the enemy may use, the approximate location, and the approximate number. After that, you can return to the warehouse to pack and organize the equipment for the next round. It may be a happy Scav. In short, the remaining things in the game should be left to the living people to judge, and the dead should finish their last words and rest in peace.

Need to establish a normalized loot distribution mechanism.

There are several types of common loot distribution mechanisms:

  1. Whoever kills more gets more. This method is more suitable for teams with roughly the same level of members;
  2. Those who can do more work, special action for poverty alleviation. Poor people take more, rich people take less, which is more common in N with 1 new team;
  3. Responsibility for joint production contract in dormitory sanatorium. This author’s team is commonly used. One person is responsible for searching for supplies. Others set up their positions. After the search is completed, they are transferred. After confirming the safety, they are divided into loot.

In terms of communication and intelligence, with a fixed team, after playing together for a long time, in fact, they have developed some default methods, and will also get used to the special circumstances of some teammates. Finding teammates is not a name, you may need to repeatedly play a variety of team games with Mrs. Tucker, and finally find a team that suits you best.

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