Escape from Tarkov Throwable Weapons Guide

Escape from Tarkov is a brand new on-line military game created by the Russian Battlestate small business. The project started in 2012 at the earliest, and two rounds of testing happen to be starting four years later the game continues to be inside the beta testing cycle, and as outlined by the developer’s program, it genuinely continues to be inside a reasonably early stage. This game also added RPG elements about the basis of common FPS. Weapons are your key survival tool in Escape from Tarkov. With out getting weapons, it genuinely is straightforward to grow to be killed by enemies when entering the game, so if you will discover weapons, it truly is really essential. Nearly all weapons are entirely modular, so They will be fitted for distinctive conditions. Escape from Tarkov Primary Weapons guide and Escape from Tarkov Secondary Weapons-Pistol Guide, This page lists all of the throwable weapons in Escape from Tarkov, let’s take a look!

Escape from Tarkov Throwable Weapons

EFT Throwable Weapons List:

F1 (Hand Grenade)
F-1 hand grenade (GRAU Index 57-Г-721) is an anti-personnel fragmentation defensive grenade, designed for neutralizing enemy personnel in the defensive combat. Due to significant effective fragmentation radius it can only be thrown from behind the cover, APC or tank.

EFT F-1 Hand Grenade Attribute

M67 (Hand Grenade)
M67 grenade (M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade) is an American hand grenade, designed for antipersonnel combat purposes and adopted in 1969 by the army of the United States.

EFT M67 Hand Grenade Attribute

RGD5 (Hand Grenade)
RGD-5 (Distance Hand Grenade, mod. 5) is classified as antipersonnel fragmentation time-delayed offensive hand grenade. Igniter delay time 3,2—4,2 seconds. Due to offensive type of the grenade, fragments are relatively light and have a smaller radius of dispersion.

EFT RGD5 Hand Grenade Attribute

VOG-17 (Khattabka Grenade)
DIY hand grenade based on a VOG-17 grenade called “Khattabka”. The grenade is VOG-17 explosive projectile, with the removed head part, containing the detonator and self-destructor.

EFT VOG-17 Khattabka Grenade Attribute

VOG-25 (Khattabka Grenade)
Hand-made hand grenade “Khattabka” based on a VOG-25 grenade. The grenade is a VOG-25 grenade with a removed warhead, added a detonator and self-destructor. A short fuse has been installed to speed up the ignition.

EFT VOG-25 Khattabka Grenade Attribute

Zarya (Stun Grenade)
Intended to suppress the mental stability by creating a sudden sound effect and a bright flash. Used in special operations for apprehension of criminals and in riot suppression.

EFT Zarya Stun Grenade Attribute

RDG-2B (Smoke Grenade)
Soviet-made smoke hand grenade, designed to create smoke zones with covering or target designation purposes. Cheap and pretty common in the countries of former Soviet Union.

EFT RDG-2B Smoke Grenade Attribute

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