Lost Ark PVP Tier List: Best Classes for EU Release

Our PVP Lost Ark tiers list tells you which classes will be among the strongest when the EU comes out.

The Lost Ark has been registered on the European and American roads! And now, many players are wondering which of the 15 classes their main character should belong to. To simplify the choice, many players resort to the PVP tier list. We’ve also compiled a list for you and explained which classes would be the most potent inside this guide.

What is a level list?

A tier list is a rating list in which experts rate the power of heroes or classes in video games and sort them into different tiers based on perceived usefulness. This format has worked well in shooters like Overwatch, MOBAs like League of Legends, or gacha games like Genshin Impact.

However, it should be remembered that compiling a list of levels is a purely subjective matter, so there cannot be a clear right or wrong here. What’s more, newbies won’t automatically get better by choosing the S-level of a class – a veteran will consistently outperform a newbie, even with a low-class rating.

The list of levels we created refers to the 3v3 Deathmatch mode since this is the mode in which ranked matches are played in Lost Ark.

Here we have collected for you all the important information about PVP, various modes, and rewards:

S Tier


Role: Initiator, support

Paladin is one of the most valuable classes in Lost Ark 3on3 matches. He has many skills to protect teammates with shields or damage reduction. However, they are only valid for a short time and must be well-timed. However, the holy knight is not a pure believer.

He also makes a great initiator for various reasons: He has a shield buff, many of his offensive skills can interrupt an opponent’s moves, and with his sprinting strike, he can quickly close the gap between himself and enemies. Last but not least, the paladin deals a large amount of damage, almost approaching the damage output of pure DPS classes.

He is ready for almost any situation as a strong all-rounder, only in one-on-one duels with other melee fighters. He loses if the skill level of the players in the same.


Role: support, counter melee fighters

The pistol lancer is the most defensively strong of all classes. Since he can also protect his team and mitigate incoming damage, he is worth its weight in Lost Ark gold for any team composition, just like a paladin.

Gunlancer outperforms most melee fighters in straight duels with powerful skills like counter rifle lance. His other strong point is countering enemy melee fighters. For example, if a death blade is hunting your vulnerable ranged fighters, Pistol Lancer can apply crowd control effects such as a slow on them or pull them towards him with his chain hook.

However, the tank also has weaknesses: It lacks mobility and is unsuitable for ranged fighters.


Role: DPS

Deathblades seem like a typical rogue class with high damage potential. Concretely, this means that he can deal a lot of damage in a very short time, which is ideal for finishing off beaten enemies.

However, her main strength lies in a unique group buff that increases movement and attack speed for the entire team – this allows for extremely dangerous team attacks with the right teamwork.

Particularly useful for beginners is that many of Deathblade’s skills have a fast animation and therefore hit the target easily. In particular, their crowd control skills, which are difficult for enemies to dodge, are extremely important in PVP Lost Ark.



Role: Defensive DPS, countering melee fighters

The Artillerist can be described as a defensive damage dealer: He is especially strong when opponents lash out at him. But if he has to take the initiative himself, his effectiveness is reduced.

It has the highest damage potential of all classes – but only if all attacks hit the target. Since many of his skills have long and short-range, this isn’t easy. For this reason, the gunner is much stronger against melee fighters than against ranged fighters.


Role: Support

Those who like to support their team with a support class should keep an eye on Bard – after all, this is her great strength. She supports her teammates with damage reduction, shields, and attack speed and has a unique buff.

With her Guardian Song ultimate, she can make her entire team immune to enemy crowd control effects for a full eight seconds. This is an extremely powerful effect as effects such as slow, stun, and knock-up play an important role in PVP Lost Ark.

However, Bard also has weaknesses: Since her skills have a relatively short range, ranged DPS make life difficult for her – also because she can’t just push them away with her skills like melee DPS. Also, she lacks damage, so she needs to be carried by strong DPS.


Role: DPS

The Sniper is the opposite of Bard: to be effective with him, you don’t have to rely on your team at all. He can become invisible and thus dodge enemy attacks and make himself immune to the effects of Crow Control.

His other strengths include the relatively high damage he can deal over vast distances and the ability to cover large areas with his CC skills.

His main problem is that the Sniper’s style of play is kiting. This means that he must keep his distance from the attacking opponent by attacking him repeatedly. Due to his focus on stealth and escape is also possible; however, the archer quickly dies when he is caught.


Role: DPS Support

Soulfist offered the most variety of any class, with both melee and ranged attacks, and its skillset allows for an exciting playstyle as a hybrid of support and damage distribution.

One of her strengths is reducing incoming damage for all team members every 30 seconds. She can also stun enemies at a very long distance with Storm Wave. Her Celestial Squeezer ability, which drops a giant hand from the sky, is one of the best finishers in the game, but it’s easy to miss due to its long duration.

Thanks to the class-unique ability Identity, which increases outgoing damage and reduces incoming damage when activated, her playstyle constantly changes during the match: while she is working at maximum level, you need to deal as much damage as possible. After it drops back to level 1, you must survive until the next activation.


Role: DPS

We can keep the section on the sorceress relatively short: She’s a pure damage dealer with no great support options for her team. Her damage is huge, and she can strike his targets safely, thanks to her long-range.

However, she is also very vulnerable if she is pulled away from the team and involved in one-on-one duels. In such cases, only high mobility (at the expense of teleports) can save her since there is almost no immunity to CC in her skill set.



Role: DPS

The Berserker needs a cohesive team to tap into his full potential: Namely, he doesn’t have the tough crowd control skills to stun enemies for safe strikes.

What’s more, his high timeouts make it difficult to fight effectively without coordination. Ideally, you should fire all guns together to get safe kills and points.

But if the Berserker has all his skills ready, he can deal massive burst damage. However, his attacks are not easy to parry: They have large hitboxes but suffer from very slow attack animations.


Role: Initiator, Melee DPS

Do you like to fight? Then it would help if you took note of the war dancer because he always fights on the front lines.

Not only does she have naturally high base stats in terms of health and defense points, but she can use various skills to support herself or the entire team with damage reduction. With Blessing of the Wind, she can also increase her friends’ movement and attack speed.

However, she lacks strong CS skills. While she can toss enemies up, push them back, or pull them towards her for a short time, you won’t find the stun effects that last for a few seconds like other classes, which is a big disadvantage in the CC-heavy PvP Lost Ark.


Role: DPS

Like Sniper and Sorceress, Shadow Hunter is a strong class for solo players who don’t want to rely too much on their team. She has everything to do well in the arena: good range, good damage, and good mobility.

However, she lacks buffs with which she can help her team. And if enemy melee fighters – especially mobile classes like Martial Artist or Deathbringer – get to her, she’ll have bad hands due to her lack of CC immunity.


Role: Initiator, Melee DPS

The Striker is the male version of the Striker and looks like her. However, there are also minor differences. His play style is as simple as his female counterpart. However, his advantage is that he has a lot of potential damage.

He doesn’t support his team with damage reduction on defense, but on offense uses strong crowd control skills to toss enemies into the air, making them easier to hit. He can also throw lightning bolts that make enemies vulnerable to critical hits.

Certainly, there’s a cost to spend for any powerful attack: he is relatively simple to kill for any front-line fighter because of the lack of damage reduction. Only immunity to CC is part of his defensive repertoire. In addition, its effectiveness against classes with greater immunity to CC (such as Barda) is limited.


Artistic Markswoman

Role: DPS

We are combining both Artificer and Master as one class since they have very similar skills and, accordingly, the same strengths and weaknesses. The only difference that is not decisive for the Tier List classification is that the “death shooter” works better against melee fighters. At the same time, the female variant prefers to compete with other ranged fighters.

Being DPS classes, both shooters theoretically deal massive damage. Both classes are some of the most mechanically demanding, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time mastering combos to get the most out of them.

Another downside is that they don’t support their team with offensive or defensive buffs. In addition, both mages are very vulnerable when targeted by the enemy team – apart from a fairly rich selection of abilities that give immunity to CC. They have no options for protection.


Role: Initiator, DPS

Scrapper has a lot of advantages that make her a strong PVP class: Her base stats are the highest of any liberation class, she’s the only class that can dodge twice in a row by pressing the space bar, and theoretically does a lot of damage. In addition, she has a very powerful stun with which she can stun enemies for a few seconds.

If not for her vulnerability to crowd control effects: She has some immunity to CC, but mostly only when she charges at enemies with her skills. On the other hand, her really powerful skills are easy to interrupt.

For this reason alone, Scrapper is denied a higher spot on our list – if we’d been evaluating 1v1 potential here, she’d have received significantly more points.

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